A Traditional Indian farm curry in Scotland

A stunning gift from Yathish, a traditional goat curry taught to him by his grandmother and mum in India , a authentic farm curry and made weekly by Yathish for the last 25yrs.

It was privilege to be given this recipe to share and I love the romance and connection between a small farm in India and Harris Farm in Scotland .

Many thanks to Yathish -Kumar- Rangappa.





A Traditional Indian farm curry in Scotland

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A Traditional Indian farm curry in Scotland

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Ruth Harris
Ruth Harris

My name is Ruth and myself and my children run our small family farm and Harris Farm Meats. We are small and that’s the way we like it, we know each and every animal and can give them the best ethical individual care. We truly work on and believe in the five principles of animal welfare.

2 thoughts on “A Traditional Indian farm curry in Scotland

  1. Avatar
    sikhar says:

    Hi Ruth,

    I can see the address and mobile number.
    How do I actually order / buy the goat meat? Shop/ postal order and howdy I know the price?

    • Ruth Harris
      Ruth Harris says:

      Good evening Sikhar, and thank you for getting in touch my apologies for delay. To order or enquire regarding price feel free to email, text or call alternatively my face book site has daily information regarding availability and direct live time messenger. I can arrange postal courier service however prices have increased unfortunately so looking at £13 postage. Most customers collect from farm shop, were you can see farm, animals and we would love to meet you. Price of goat meat is £25kg boneless diced, £20kg on the bone , whole and half goats are available at £12.50kg, butchered an additional £2kg . We also offer goat bacon . Please let me know if I can assist with any further enquires warmest regards Ruth Harris

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