British Landrace Pigs

Harris farm has eight registered pedigree original population British Landrace pigs, these are the only ones in Scotland.

British Landrace Pigs
Our British Landrace Pigs

The Britishland race offers consumers an exceptional meat, beautiful flavoursome bacon and exceedingly moist tasty pork with wonderful crackling. Harris Farm Landrace are free range and live a natural life, they enjoy a mud bath in summer and rooting for orchard apples and pears in Autumn as with all Harris Farm Meats our Landrace mature slowly are not force fed , this developers the meat quality and taste.

Landrace pork joints finished on pears and apples are exceptional and have become one of Harris Farm Meats premium produce.

Customer Sally Hall says” “Ruth, we’ve just devoured our roast pork shoulder. Crackling was to die for and the meat was so tender succulent and exceptionally delicious”.

British Landrace Pig
Original population British Landrace Pig

Although British Landrace are common they are crossed and not from the original gene pool. Being in this unique and privileged position we are keen to expand this line and although some will go into our produce the majority go into our breeding program and are available to like-minded animal lovers for live sales.

We are also delighted that two of our finest of springs went to a very royal home where the rarity of the pedigree will be nurtured.