Boer Goats

Boer Goats are meat producers, the females are called does and males are called Bucks or Billies. The meat is lean, healthy and tastes amazing. Over 89% of the world eat goat and many consume it for health reasons as well as taste.

Goats like special care and my stock get just that, they graze on fertile grass and have a warm comfy barn to sleep in complete with fresh water,hay, music and natural stimulation.

My Boer Goats are from the highest quality stock and have full traceability, I care for each one myself and give them time to mature naturally as nature intended.

Why goat?

Well, apart from being wonderful animals to work with, Goat is extremely tasty and one of the healthiest meats you can eat. I offer small taster and gourmet boxes as well as half and whole goat, this can be cut to your specification.

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How do I cook Boer Goat?

Any way you wish, there are plenty of recipes books and web pages dedicated to delicious goat meals. Goat does make amazing stews, curries and tagines, as well as kebabs and broths but a goat roast will really make you crave more and is a stand out dish.

Goat chops are also a favourite simple grilled with salt and pepper , rest and enjoy,or stew. I would always cook Goat  that little bit longer than lamb, however my scrumptious goat quality is so good it will tenderise in about 45mins, remember goat is lean so add some liquid to encourage Goat meat to cook to perfection.

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I can guarantee once you try Harris Farm goat meat you will want more!