Working hard on orders, farm shop bustling and full of life, customers talking and laughing with each other and shop with scents of Christmas. My self and Frances Stonehouse Bakery would like to welcome you to farm shop on 15th Dec for mulled wine and ginger bread as a thank you for your support and […]

A Traditional Indian farm curry in Scotland

A stunning gift from Yathish, a traditional goat curry taught to him by his grandmother and mum in India , a authentic farm curry and made weekly by Yathish for the last 25yrs. It was privilege to be given this recipe to share and I love the romance and connection between a small farm in […]

Beef cheeks in red wine

Slow roast beef cheeks in at least half a bottle of good full bodied red wine, beef stock, onion, whole garlic bulb for 7hrs. 5 mins at 230deg then let it purr away at 160deg for at least 7 hrs. Rich,opulent and scrumptiously hearty. This is so easy to cook, serve with buttered mash , […]


Commore Farm

At Harris Farm Meats we do not fatten but enable our produce to mature slowly and naturally, this will mean that at times we can not supply demand.  We are delighted to source local high welfare produce from like minded small independent farmers. Our game is sources from Dumfries and is all wild game. Our […]


Farm Shop Community

I love being sent reviews and pictures of the delights that my customers make, I think that Harris Farm Shop seems more than just a farm shop and has a community togetherness feel. When customers are in the shop they chat and laugh, children play with cats or run about outside and it’s almost like […]

Beef cheeks in red wine

This is so so simple and is always delicious . Place beef cheeks in oven dish add at least half a bottle of rich full bodied red wine , beef stock, two red onions , one whole garlic bulb . cover and slow roast for 7hrs, I had in for 5 minutes at 230deg then […]