About us

My name is Ruth and myself and my children run our small family farm and Harris Farm Meats.

Harris Farm Meats team

We are small and that’s the way we like it, we know each and every animal and can give them the best ethical individual care. We truly work on and believe in the five principles of animal welfare.

Foremost I am a animal lover and developed a love of farming through my uncle’s highland sheep farm. I have worked with rare breed Shetland cattle, sheep, pigs and Goats for over fifteen years and simply love it. I am also a connoisseur of good food and believe that happy, healthy, well-cared for, free range animals who are free to live a natural life produce wonderful meat, and it is this that I offer you.

My children help me on my farm, especially my young daughters and son, and we tend to the animals individually with care and love.

Feeding my five children I was disappointed in the meat that I bought from shops and always knew how delicious my own meat was, I knew my animals’ traceability and the high standard of care and nutrition I gave them. They roam freely and graze on fertile ground overlooking the shire of Strathaven and Tinto hill. I could guarantee my animals received the best natural level of care and as a result knew my animals produce the best taste….so Harris Farm Meats was born.

Our breeds