Farm Shop Community

I love being sent reviews and pictures of the delights that my customers make, I think that Harris Farm Shop seems more than just a farm shop and has a community togetherness feel. When customers are in the shop they chat and laugh, children play with cats or run about outside and it’s almost like what shopping was like a generation ago. People share recipes and offer ideas it’s lovely. Its the norm for me to receive numerous reviews, text and messages on a Sunday evening as customers take time out to let me know what they cooked and their appreciation for my wee quirky shop, for this and the life and laughter I see every week in shop I am most heartfelt grateful.

Ruth Harris
Ruth Harris

My name is Ruth and myself and my children run our small family farm and Harris Farm Meats. We are small and that’s the way we like it, we know each and every animal and can give them the best ethical individual care. We truly work on and believe in the five principles of animal welfare.

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