A shower for the pigs

Pigs wallowing

It’s been very sunny lately, here in Scotland, in June. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does we like to make the most of it, and so do the pigs.

Pigs can be susceptible to heatstroke and sunburn – some breeds with very fair skinned and sparse hair are particularly at risk.

When the sun comes out we need to be mindful of the pigs and take a few precautions. One of their favourites is the shower – they love getting under the water spray and then wallowing in the resulting mud. The water keeps them cool while the mud provides a protective layer – like sun cream!

So today we rigged up a shower for the pigs, and as you can see it was well received!

Ruth Harris
Ruth Harris

My name is Ruth and myself and my children run our small family farm and Harris Farm Meats. We are small and that’s the way we like it, we know each and every animal and can give them the best ethical individual care. We truly work on and believe in the five principles of animal welfare.

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