British Lops join the farm

British Lop Pig

In December we had some very special new arrivals, three British Lops from Kim Arden in Cambridgeshire. The young sow, boar and July 2015 gilt will form the nucleus of our British Lop pig breeding programme.

British Lop pigs from Harris Farm Meats on Vimeo.

I’ve wanted British Lops on the farm for a long, long time and it’s great to have them here. They are one of the rarest native British breeds of pig, with only 200-300 breeding females in existence.

British Lops
Our British Lop pigs

Forming a new herd in Scotland and selling British Lop pork, bacon and sausage will help to create a demand for the breed and secure its future.

Ruth Harris
Ruth Harris

My name is Ruth and myself and my children run our small family farm and Harris Farm Meats. We are small and that’s the way we like it, we know each and every animal and can give them the best ethical individual care. We truly work on and believe in the five principles of animal welfare.

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